Friday, February 4, 2011


Thank goodness it's Friday!!! I'm so looking forward to a wonderfully relaxing weekend. My only plans include a trip to the beach tomorrow, and church on Sunday! Nice and easy, just the wasy it should be. After a trip to the doctor's this morning, I detoured to the Joann's nearby and picked up a new punch. I came home and just had to play with it, while Kaiden was napping. Here's my new butterfly punch in use on this layout. I used the Fresh Print Clothesline, line from My Little Yellow Bicycle. This picture of Jen was from Easter 2008. Lol, I just realized the picture from my last post is also from this Easter! My challenge this month for myself, is to scrap older pictures, and use up some of my paper so I can start buying all the new CHA stuff! I suppose that's my way of justifying my spending! Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and get out and take advantage of this lovely weather.