Monday, July 28, 2008

A great weekend

It was so nice to just spend the weekend at home, not having to travel or doo something. It was a wonderful weekend. Shane came home so that's always nice. I feel so relieved when he's here to help me out with Jenny and the house. It's a welcomed break. On Saturday we decided to head to the beach because Jenny has been wanting to build sand castles for weeks. I'm not sure how she even knows about them, because we've never built any with her. Over the fourth of July I bought her a pail and shovel with intentions of taking her but of course it got rained out that whole weekend. So anyways, we went to Dania beach for all of an hour, but it was nice. Shane and Jen had time to build some sand piles, nowhere close to a castle, and time to play in the water. And mommy had time to lay in the crazy hot sun and get frustrated. I don't understand why people do that to themselves, when we have such nice air conditioned homes. Why?? I've never been much of a beach person. I know, I know, wierd, I live in Florida. I just hate the thought of the sand sticking to you and the yucky salt water and seaweed and sweltering heat,yucky. Anyways it was a nice time for Jenny and Shane so that's all that matters. Jenny loved it and didn't want to go home.
We also went to the movies, to see Kung Fu Panda. I've been wanting to take her ever since it came out but wouldn't because of the snake character. ( I know, don't laugh) So since Shane was home, perfect. Well he didn't want to go but he ended up loving it, and so did Jenny. She feels like such a big girl sitting on her own seat with her own popcorn and soda and candy. It's really cute seeing her like that.
After the movies, we were going to go to dinner but it was after 9 and Jenny wasn't gonna make it through, so we ended up at DQ for ice cream. Ice cream is always a nice ending to a good day!
Sunday was also a nice day. We all slept in, which is always nice. Then i made french toast for breakfast. I also made spagetti and meatballs for lunch. ( I cooked-Whoo hoo! ) We cleaned aa little and spent some time together before Shane left. After he left Jenny and I took a nap and then we went to the park to feed the ducks. We had promised her earlier so I had to take her. We only spent a half an hour there because we were being attacked by the ducks! We took bread to feed them and once they all caught on that we had food, they started crowding around us from all sides. Jenny kept saying, "scared mommy, scared!" So we had to get out of there. Lol, it was cute.
And of course my Sunday night ended with a great episode of Army Wives. I love that show. I'm such a fan. It's the one show I can actually keep up with schedule wise, and I love every minute of it.

Just another Thursday

Well last Thursday, July 24th, was my 26th birthday. I had to keep reminding myself it was my birthday. What is it about birthdays? I always feel depressed, as if it means nothing to anyone. I know it does, but I just feel like that. I guess I like making a big deal about them, but the more you have the less important they are I guess! Anyways, considering it all, I did have a pretty good day. I worked, which wasn't such a bad thing. My day started off with flowers and a present (perfume) from my BFF Krista. A bunch of phone calls from my family. Then yummy Cake Batter ice ceam cake from Coldstone (a Paper Niche tradition) Then my sweet mommy made a wonderful birthday dinner for me, Charlene and Krista. After dinner we headed back to my house for margaritas and scrapbooking, the perfect ending to a great day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More pics

So there's still more. Lately Jenny has had a fascination with ice cream. Before now, we could not get her to like it, no matter how much we pushed it in her face. Now she loves it. She will eat it almost anytime it's offered to her. She also knows when the ice cream truck passes by. Everytime it does she goes crazy. I love it though because she hardly eats junk food, or food for that matter so anything is ok with me. We love Ritters in Coral Springs. This was the first time Jenny ate their ice cream. We've been going there a lot longer, but this was the first time she actually wanted the ice cream. She was so excited, she ran up the stairs before we could catch her! I think her favorite flavor is vanilla, like mommy, but daddy wishes it was chocolate, his favorite! My two cuties enjoting their ice cream. mmm...yummy

We also went bowling and Jenny loves that too. She was able to lift this ball all by herself. It's the lightest one they have. It was so cute! she would just drop it on the lane and it would roll a few feet and stop! Daddy helped her out though and she stayed awake until 1:30 am bowling with us. What fun that was.

Finally some new pics

Ok so i'm just getting around to posting a real post with pics and all. I do have other things i should be doing, but this is more important:) so for the Fourth we went to a bbq at one of Shane's friends. Here is a pic of Shane and Jenny, and Me and Jen, and one of the guys. These are all guys he's at the academy with. They're a nice group of guys.

He's Official!

My husband, the Federal Agent. I like the sound of that. I also love a man in uniform. My beloved Shane just graduated from the academy in Georgia yesterday. An awesome accomplishment for him, who has been training so hard for the past three months. Not to mention being away from his family the entire time!
Myself, Jenny, Shane's parents, my nephew and Shane's close friend attended. We were all so proud of him yesterday. It's been a long journey and quite an experience but well worth it. I didn't get to take many pictures because Jenny was quite fussy during the ceremony. But here's one of the three of us. I'll have to get copies of everyone else's so I can scrap them of course. He looks so different in his uniform. I can't wait to see him all decked out with his gun belt and everything else. They were only allowed to wear just the uniform for their graduation.
He still has five more weeks of spanish class there before he is home for good. I can't wait. We love you babe.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh so Busy

Just when I thought things were slowing down around here. I was really looking forward to some down time so I could relax. Well on the fourth, my cousin died in New York. It was a really sad trgedy as he was only 27 and he drowned. So on Tuesday I flew out to NY and back home on Wednesday night. Then tonight I drive to Orlando and from there I head to Brunswick Georgia for Shane's graduation. I come back to Orlando on Monday night and drive back home Tuesday morning. As if that wasn't enought I work Wednesday and fly out to Chicago for CHA on Thursday! I Come home on Saturday night and get one day with my husband on Sunday before he flies back to Georgia. I'm excited about the Graduation and CHA but Whew!! I can't wait for all the traveling to be over.
I have new pics to post. Will do so soon.