Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Layout

I'm on a roll tonight. After making the cards with my scraps, I decided to make a page. Everything here is scraps I challenged myself to use. I'm usually one to stick with a coordinating line of papers, but this was a complete mix. I'm pleased with the result. I'm playing with my style, still trying to get a feel for what I like.

Scrappy stuff...

Just wanted to share. I hardly ever make cards but I saw that pink paislee flower on someone's blog and it made me pull my piece out of my scrap drawer. I made these really quick and using only scraps! I love when I do that. It justifies my over abundance of C R A P. Oops I meant S C R A P!

So it's been a while...

I wish blogging was something I did more of.
I wish scrapping was something I did more of.
I wish I had more time for me.
I wish life wasn't so hard.
I wish I had more time with my family.
I wish I had more time to clean my house.
I wish I had more time to read.
i wish I made time to exercise.
I wish all these piles of laundry would go away.
I wish I could stay awake all night so I can catch up on my life that seems to be passing me by...

I've been so overwhelmed lately. It's been one crisis after another around here. We're just trying to get past losing Shane's grandma two weeks ago. Things are slowly getting back to normal, or as crazy as it was before all of this.
It's funny how when someone dies, our lives seem to be put on hold for a few days or so and then once they're gone we have to get back to our lives.
Losing Shane's grandma has made us realize just how important our family is to us and just how much we cherish the relationship. I'm so lucky to have not just my own family, but Shnae's as well. I'm lucky to have been blessed with such wonderful in-laws.

Well I have some catching up to do on here so I will be posting more soon...